This month, the highly anticipated Gel-Sokat Infinity release between Asics and Kiko Kostadinov hits our Milan and Rome stores. The hybrid sneaker takes the full length GEL mid-sole from the GEL Quantum Infinity under a mesh base with oversized Asics branding on the lateral side. It’s the third collaboration between Kostandinov and Asics, and departs from the previous colourways with dark grey, peppermint, and lavender purple. It’s infographic ad campaign, which includes scan creases and handwritten annotations on photos of the 400m record-holding sprinter, Ricardo Dos Santos, was produced by London-based filmmaker Frank Lebon. It feels more private than “PERSONAL BELONGINGS”, Lebon’s film for the RIMOWA x Off-White campaign released last year, in which we thread together a love story unfolding in X-Ray visuals and the awkward Romanticism of an airport terminal.

In 2009, Lebon started running an underground film club called Reely ‘N’ Truly in various venues around London on Sunday afternoons. It was the revival of a project by his father, Mark Lebon, who was a renowned photographer and who ran a film and nightclub in the 80s called Reely. In 2014, his son Frank was ranked #69 in Dazed’s 100 List, after producing a music video for “JFSE” by UK rapper Jesse James Solomon. Two years later, he was commissioned by Warp Records to produce a video for “We Go Home Together” by Mount Kimbie and James Blake, in which we see a boy in his bedroom before following him on a night out with a girl. It feels like the private viewing of a reality TV and fashion campaign hybrid. The jump-cut, slideshow style, recurrent in Lebon’s work, is interlaced here with long-exposure light drags, and harmonizes with a smooth, single shot to follow the boy walking home alone.

Lebon’s film style intimates the viewer through DIY aesthetic references including lo-fi granularity and a hand-held POV, making everything feel personal. His music video for A$AP Rocky’s “Sundress” maintains that signature in high fidelity. In it, something sentimental is captured among rave lights filtering through a house party flash-mob situation, and the jump cuts document like a hungover recap of the night before.

For the Gel-Sokat Infinity lookbook, Lebon’s art direction reads like an athlete’s process journal. It details how to wear the sneakers (“Place foot in unlaced shoe on flat surface”), how to posture while sprinting (“Keep shoulders level, low and loose”), and reminds to stay hydrated while running with a cup of tea. The sentiment verges on irony before we remember that this is the sneaker’s official campaign. Asics and Kostadinov cleverly bring the onus back onto the function of the sneaker, and away from the transience of fashion sneaker or dad shoe -- territory which is well marked by luxury labels now anyway.

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