Martine Rose, the British menswear designer who broke the barriers between streetwear and haute couture, has signed onto a collaboration with Nike, creating an original and surprising capsule collection. Succinctly defined as "a perfect mix between British subcultures and the world of USA basketball."

The absolute protagonist of the capsule is the Nike Air Monarch, available in three different colors. "We chose the silhouette of the Monarch, a typically American model, and we reinterpreted it as an accessory to wear with the English style suit," said Rose, transforming the "dad shoe" par excellence, and instead of adding new colors or materials, completely restructuring the model to give it a totally unique reinterpretation.

The collection proposes a deeper study into the designer's unique take on silhouettes and proportions. The tracksuits and the t-shirt directly reference basketball and it's ubiquitous culture in the U.S., and respects the proportions of the players who usually wear them. Rose adds, "Basketball players are superheroes: their bodies have adapted to their profession. We have carefully observed many players and their proportions and then we have compared their clothes to the standard sizes. For example, if I wanted to wear one of their suits, I would have to transform it to fit my proportions; in practice, I would have to sew it up again."

Explore the Nike x Martine Rose collection now.